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NCC Milan – Zurich

Modern, cosmopolitan, precise and multicultural: these are just some of the main characteristics that distinguish Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, located on the north shore of the Zürichsee.

To reach Zurich starting from Milan it is possible by choosing a personalized, comfortable and precise transport service like the one offered by car rental with driver.

This customized travel solution is designed for all those who want to travel privately and without sharing spaces with other people and strangers, as can happen with transfers or public transport.

With the company  NCC service from Milan to Zurich you get safety, comfort and personalization of the trip.

Above all, this offers the possibility of easily reaching the Swiss town starting from the airports of the Lombard capital using the service NCC Milan-Linate-Malpensa in Zurich.


NCC transport from Milan to Zurich: how the service works

Il Milan-Zurich NCC transport allows you to organize your trip in a flexible and personalized way. As the service provides travelers with different degrees of customization of the transport.

Specifically, you can request: a car in line with your needs (even with tinted windows); choose to make intermediate stops on the way to Zurich; evaluate at what time to leave from Milan; ask the driver for travel tips and advice.

Not only that, thanks to the professionalism of the drivers, the transport NCC Milan-Zurich, allows you to travel in comfort and safety.

Finally, one of the most relevant advantages is characterized by the possibility of establishing the starting point. By communicating the arrival time of your plane, the gate number and the arrival airport, you can be picked up on time by the driver and reach comfortably Zurich.
In fact, you can request: transport NCC Milan Malpensa-Zurich or the Milan Linate-Zurich NCC service.

If desired, instead of reaching the hotel, the city center or any other area of ​​Zurich, it is also possible to evaluate the NCC transport from Milan airport at Zurich-Kloten Airport.

What to see in Zurich? 


Zurich is a cosmopolitan and very welcoming city. Loved by tourists, business men and women, and also by those who want to go shopping in the best luxury shops in the city.

Not to be missed during your trip to Zurich is certainly the historic center and its historic district which takes the name of Niederdorf.

The historic center houses shops, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions such as the Grossmünster Church, the City Hall and the Zurich Cathedral.

Throughout the year, but mainly in spring and summer, you must go to the discovery of the wonderful Lake Zurich, which allows you to take a boat ride or simply stroll along the shore.


NCC service from Zurich to Milan-Malpensa-Linate

After spending time in Zurich, shopping in the main luxury stores, meeting up with friends or going on a leisure or business trip, you can return to Milan in style and with all the desired comforts thanks to the NCC service.

Il Zurich-Milan NCC service it is completely customizable by always choosing: a vehicle within the company's fleet; the departure time; the stops to do during the trip.

Safety and flexibility are two other points in favor of car rental with driver, naturally together with the possibility of choosing the starting point.

You can choose the NCC Zurich routes in Milan-Linate-Malpensa, starting from any area of ​​the Swiss town or fromZurich-Kloten Airport.