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NCC Milan – Zermatt

Zermatt is a unique and prestigious tourist destination, located in the Swiss Alps, which offers visitors an unforgettable experience and exceptional value. The city is famous for its commanding view of the Matterhorn, also known as the Matterhorn, iconic symbol of the Alps.

To reach Zermatt, we recommend using the NCC transport service from Milan, both from the city and from its main airports, including Malpensa and Linate.

Car rental with driver (NCC) offers maximum flexibility and customization of the trip, allowing you to choose where to start from, the exact point of arrival, times and to schedule any intermediate stops.

Il Milan-Zermatt NCC transport offers all the comfort and safety typical of a private transport, without any worries in terms of travel organization or sharing spaces with strangers. Furthermore, you can choose your preferred type of vehicle and ask the driver for advice on what to see and do in the area.


How the Ncc transport from Milan-Linate-Malpesa to Zermatt works

If you want to live an experience of personalized and stress-free trip car rental with driver (NCC) is the perfect solution!

With NCC transport you can create your own travel itinerary based on the needs explained to the driver. By choosing this solution you will be able to forget about public transport and taxis, or about transfers shared with strangers.

Indeed, the service NCC Milan-Zermatt, which also offers the possibility of choosing the most comfortable car to use to reach your destination, is exclusive and allows you to travel alone or to share only with your friends or family.

If you want to visit Zermatt you can also choose the best starting point from the city of Milan. Among the places where you can choose to leave there are: the home address, the hotel, a specific area in the city centre.

Furthermore, it is possible to be picked up from the main airports of the city by requesting transport NCC Milan-Linate-Malpensa, indicating the arrival time and the landing gate of your plane.

What to see and do in Zermatt


Zermatt is primarily known as a ski resort with slopes designed for everyone, even for professionals, and with ideal descents for snow sports such as snowboarding.

In Zermatt, however, it is also possible to do many activities related to the natural beauties that surround the area.

With the Gornergrat cable car it is possible to reach the highest area of ​​the resort and thus have a unique panoramic view of the Alps that surround the area.

If you want to go for a walk and go shopping, have dinner or lunch in a luxury restaurant, you can pass by time in the village of Zermatt, with wooden houses, typical chalets, shops, restaurants and bars in which to relax.

Nature lovers and hikers can only go to the discovery of the Swiss National Park, a nature park near Zermatt offering outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking and mountain bike tours.

At the foot of the Matterhorn you can also visit the Theodul Glaciers which offer a unique experience and beautiful scenery that will remain etched in your memory forever.


NCC service from Zermatt to Milan-Malpensa-Linate

Zermatt offers a wide variety of outdoor activities to suit every taste and experience level. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy its ski lifts and slopes, while hiking enthusiasts can explore the natural beauty of the town's surroundings.

At the end of the trip you can return to Milan in a simple and comfortable way with the car rental service with driver from Zermatt.

Transport NCC Zermatt Milan-Malpensa-Linate offers the possibility of reaching the main airports of the city or the city itself in total safety, simply indicating the address of the hotel or residence as the point of arrival.

Choosing the service NCC from Zermatt to Milan, you will be able to experience your journey without any organizational thought and completely personalized.