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NCC Milan – Verona

The city of love, of Shakespeare's tragedies such as Romeo and Juliet, of the famous arena: Verona is one of Italian destinations most loved by tourists and beyond.

With an exclusive rental service with driver you can easily reach the city and discover the beauty of this town, with all the comforts you can enjoy with the NCC transport from Milan to Verona.

Il NCC service from Milan to Verona allows you to easily reach your destination, evaluating the best car according to your needs and also the most suitable starting point depending on whether you want to leave from the airport or from a specific area of ​​the city.


NCC service from Milan to Verona: how does it work?

Where do you want to start from? You can easily choose the starting point that suits you best thanks to the rental with driver service from Milan to Verona, in this way the entire journey will be simpler and more comfortable.

The choice of the place from which to start provides for various service solutions NCC Milan Malpensa-Verona; NCC Milan Linate-Verona; NCC service Milan Central Station-Verona.

If you arrive by plane or by train, you can arrange the time with your driver, depending on the arrival time foreseen by the means of transport, so that the driver can wait for you in the waiting room or in an area previously agreed.

In addition to leaving from the airport or station, you can also choose to use the service NCC from Milan to Verona in a completely personalized way, providing the address of your hotel, of the residence where you are staying or of a street or neighborhood more convenient to you.

Verona: what are the main attractions?


What to see in Verona? What are the main attractions? The city of Verona allows you to discover a wonderful city characterized by historical attractions but also by trendy areas, perfect for those who want to have fun.

 Verona is a city rich in culture, art and history, among its primary attractions there is certainly the Arena of Verona, a Roman amphitheater that dates back to the first century AD and is one of the best-known symbols of the town.

Today this is not only an important historical attraction but also the hub of the city's events, come on concerts up to operas and theatrical and cultural events.

The second stop is one of the most romantic imaginable: a visit to Juliet's house. Located in the historic center of Verona, it also houses an interesting museum completely dedicated to legend of romeo and juliet.

Piazza delle Erbe is a square in the historic center of Verona and is among the liveliest places in the whole town, with shops, bars and restaurants.

Finally, don't miss a visit to the Basilica of San Zeno, a Romanesque church of great value.

Verona is not only a wonderful city but it is also the perfect starting point for those who want to be conquered by the exclusive taste of the aperitifs served in the bars, wines such as Valpolicella and the flavors of typical cuisine.


NCC service from Verona to Milan

You can easily request the NCC service from Verona to Milan both for the return journey and if you are leaving the city of love and need to reach the Lombard capital.

If you need to get to the airport you can request the NCC transfer from Verona to Milan Linate or the NCC transport from Verona to Milan Malpensa, arranging departure and arrival times depending on the flight you have to take.

Il NCC service from Verona to Milan and vice versa offers you many advantages: rental with a professional driver; rental of a large and safe comfortable vehicle; a considerable saving of time, reaching the destination with a direct journey.

Finally, don't underestimate the flexibility of the service that offers you the possibility of choosing: starting point, car to travel on, itinerary to travel and point of arrival.