For your stay in Turin whether just for a weekend or for International business Luxury Service organizes your stay and overnight stay in the city of La Mole.
Ncc Torino offers you a tour of the Piedmontese capital, among the best things to see and enjoy in Turin.
Piazza Castello: After visiting the Duomo, you can continue on foot to Piazza Castello, the city center also known as "the living room of Turin". From here you can look out over this beautiful square, the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madame, the Church of San Lorenzo and the Colosseum (one of the most important opera houses in Italy). Furthermore, in various points of the square, you can admire 3 other monuments: the Monument to the Italian Knights, the statue of the Sardinian army banner, and the Monument to Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta.

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