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NCC Milan – Stresa

The NCC service (hire with driver) from Milan to Stresa is an optimal service if you want to travel comfortably, with the right flexibility in terms of timetables and choice of preferred means of transport, characterized by high levels of safety.

The Milan-Stresa NCC service allows you to easily choose the departure time and also the best place to be picked up, for example from the hotel, from Malpensa or Linate airport, or from any other area of ​​the city.

Through this service you can easily choose the car you prefer in terms of style and comfort. Indeed, you will be able to evaluate a wide range of options in order to optimally meet your needs.

Not only that, any car supplied by a service NCC from Milan to Stresa, is equipped with systems of advanced safety, airbags, comfortable seats and of course it is driven by a professional driver, who guarantees you a safe and structured journey based on your requests.


How to request an NCC Milan service in Stresa

Il servizio NCC Milan-Stresa is designed to be able to provide you with a flexible experience and on-site transportation with maximum convenience.

Among the starting points preferred by those who choose to reach Stresa with a rental service with driver we find:

Central Station: as soon as you get off the train or comfortably from the station square, you can request the transport service NCC from Milan Central Station to Stresa, this way the driver will wait for you in a specific area to take you unhindered to your final destination.

Airports: if you arrive at the airport you can ask for the transport service NCC from Milan Malpensa to Stresa both the service NCC from Milan Linate to Stresa. In both cases, the pick-up point and also the time can be agreed with the driver based on the arrival time of your plane. For safety, you can also provide the flight number to the driver for a completely personalized and flexible service in terms of times.

Neighborhoods, streets, hotels of the town: finally, it will be possible to evaluate the departure from any area of ​​Milan, from the address of the hotel or house where you live or stay.

Booking allows you not only to choose the pick-up point, but also the departure time, the itinerary to follow and of course the most suitable means to reach the final destination.

What to see in Stresa


Once you reach Stresa with the NCC service from Milan, you can dedicate yourself to discovering this magnificent town located on Lake Maggiore.  

The activities you can do in Stresa there are so many. One of the most loved by those who reach it is certainly the boat ride to reach some of the most famous islands of Lake Maggiore.

Among the islands that can be visited in Stresa there are: Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori. In addition to the Borromean Islands which allow you to have a unique overview of the lake and to taste some of the delicacies of the local cuisine in the restaurants with a view, Stresa also has other unique attractions.

If you are an animal and nature lover, you can go and discover Villa Pallavicino: a zoological park that is also home to lemurs, tigers and red pandas.

To have a panoramic view of the city and the lake, you can choose to take the funicular that takes you to the top of the Mount Mottarone at 1491 meters above sea level.

In the hinterland of Stresa there is the Val Grande National Park, a natural area in which to go hiking and discover the beauty of the local flora and fauna.

Finally, you absolutely must take a walk along the famous lakeside promenade of Stresa which features unique panoramas and also many trendy, as well as historic, places to stop for a drink, an aperitif or a full meal.


Rental service with driver from Stresa to Milan

Il NCC service from Stresa to Milan it is the perfect solution to enjoy the same privileges and comforts of the outward journey, even when returning to the city.

Of course, you can also organize a simple trip starting from Stresa by evaluating options such as: the NCC Stresa-Milan Malpensa or NCC Stresa-Milan Linate rental service.

Another solution is to evaluate the chauffeured service from Stresa to whichever area of ​​Milan is more in line with your needs.