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NCC Milan – Sirmione

Known as "the Pearl of Garda", Sirmione is a unique town that lies on the Lombard shore of Lake Garda. Sirmione is much loved both for the characteristic historical center and for the famous breathtaking view that embraces Lake Garda.

With the service NCC from Milan to Sirmione you can reach your destination with a comfortable and spacious car and, above all, with a professional driver, connoisseur of the places, who will be able to carefully advise you on what to see and the main attractions of the city.

The service allows you to evaluate the place of best departure for you from Milan, to choose the departure time, to know the duration of the transport and also the most comfortable car in which to travel according to your needs. 

Car rental with driver makes your journey from Milan to Sirmione a comfortable, flexible experience without organizational stress. 


NCC service from Milan to Sirmione: where to start?

You can easily leave from Milan to Sirmione with the NCC service. The organization of the trip is very simple, above all by entrusting yourself to a serious company with a large fleet of cars and professional drivers who will accompany you along the way.

The choice of pick-up location can be customized and fully meet your needs. In fact, you can evaluate:

The Milan Malpensa-Sirmione NCC service

NCC transport from Milan Linate to Sirmione

• Rental service with driver from Milan Central Station in Sirmione.

You can also request departure from any area of ​​the city of Milan, from the address of the hotel, your residence or in a specific neighborhood that is more convenient for you.

Requesting the NCC service from Milan to Sirmione, you can travel comfortably and choose the day and time that is most convenient for you to leave and reach your final destination.

What to see in Sirmione?

Sirmione is a city nestled on the southern Lombard shore of the famous Lake Garda, which offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, among which you can get lost, after your arrival with a comfortable NCC service.

If you don't know what to see in Sirmione, you can get advice from the driver who is taking you to the city.

 Among the main attractions that you absolutely cannot miss are:

The Scaligero Castle: a medieval castle built on a peninsula that juts out onto Lake Garda.

The Grottoes of Catullus: located in an archaeological area, they allow you to discover the remains of a Roman villa dating back to the XNUMXst century BC.

Thermal baths of Sirmione: perhaps among the most important and famous attractions on the peninsula of the city, mainly known for the healing properties of its waters.

Activities on Lake Garda: various sporting activities can be practiced; in summer but also in spring they are much appreciated: sailing and windsurfing, canoeing and rowing.

Visit to the historical centre: finally, you absolutely cannot miss a visit to the most characteristic area of ​​the town, the historic center with narrow alleys, stone houses and colorful little shops with local products.


NCC service from Sirmione to Milan

Il servizio NCC from Sirmione to Milan he will take you to the city in a large, comfortable car, at any time you wish. 

Do you have to get to the airport to leave?

You don't have to worry with the dedicated service you can request the rental with driver from Sirmione to Milan Malpensa or up to Milan Linate, you can arrange the departure time with the driver also based on the departure time of the flight.

The NCC service from Sirmione to Milan allows you to spend a comfortable journey and also reach the city centre, the central station or the address of your hotel or residence.

Let yourself be conquered by the NCC service from Sirmione to Milan, or vice versa, and enjoy a journey immersed in the comfort and safety offered by the rental with driver professionals.