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NCC service from Milan to Sanremo  

Famous and laughing town on the coast of Liguria, Sanremo is a much appreciated destination for its coastline and naturally for the Festival which is organized every year by Rai and which presents the best of Italian music.

To reach Sanremo comfortably and with the expert support of a professional driver, the most suitable solution is the NCC service from Milan to Sanremo.  

The Milan-San Remo rental service with driver is an advantageous solution as it allows you to reach the city in a convenient, comfortable car that is suitable for your needs. Not only that, it can freely choose where to start, at what time and with which car.


NCC service from Milan to Sanremo: what are its main features

Il NCC service from Milan to Sanremo it has essential, as well as unique, characteristics, as they best distinguish this activity which is increasingly in demand and appreciated.

Specifically, by contacting a professional NCC transport agency you can first of all choose the route, the starting point, the itinerary to follow and at the same time obtain support from the driver also regarding any attractions to see once you reach your destinationBut not only.

Among the main services requested by customers are:  

• NCC transport from Milan Malpensa to Sanremo

• NCC transport from Milan Linate to Sanremo

• Car rental with driver from Milan Central Station to Sanremo

In addition to these starting points, which are among the most requested, you can also evaluate a personalized pick-up point.

Then you can request the departure from the address of the hotel where you are stay in Milan, from your home address or from any area or district that is more convenient and in line with your personal needs.

Once the starting point has been chosen, you can choose to reach Sanremo at the time you prefer and with the best car for yourself and for any passengers present. Vehicles can also be requested luxurious or very spacious like limousines.

What to see in Sanremo?  

Sanremo is a wonderful town overlooking the Ligurian coast. Certainly the town is famous for the Ariston theater and the Italian Song Festival, which is organized every year during the first months of the year.

But what is there to see in Sanremo besides the Ariston? Sanremo is not only the city of Italian music, but it is also full of attractions and places dedicated to relaxation and entertainment.

As the San Remo casino, one of the oldest in Italy, which allows you to play at the table and also see wonderful live shows.

In the historic center of the town, however, you can admire the XNUMXth century structure that houses the Cathedral of San Siro characterized by an example of Romanesque architecture, also known for the mosaics that are preserved inside.

Old Sanremo is a historic area to be discovered, with colorful houses and features that take you back in time, in the early 900s.

A wonderful natural corner is characterized by the "Giardini di Ponente", a city park that houses various floral species, plants, statues and fountains. A unique place to take a relaxing stroll.

Finally, one can only stroll on San Remo waterfront allowing yourself to be conquered by the sea and the natural beauties of the city.


NCC service from Sanremo to Milan

The Sanremo-Milan NCC service it is the perfect solution to return to the city in great style and with the right level of comfort! Not only that, you can also choose Sanremo itself as your starting point, to arrive in Milan or in one of its airports.

Il NCC service from Sanremo to Milan Linate or NCC transport from Sanremo to Milan Malpensa, are both optimal for comfortably reaching the main airports of the city, reaching the gate on time and taking the plane to your final destination.

Il journey from Sanremo to Milan, whatever the ultimate destination (airport or other area, structure or street in the city), it will be comfortable and perfect, following the itinerary you prefer, asking for the rental service with driver.