Ncc Saint Moritz takes you to the well-known alpine resort frequented by many celebrities who frequent this delightful Swiss village for their winter holidays, Saint Moritz, a fascinating destination, is open to anyone wishing to spend a weekend or a white week in Switzerland at almost 2.000 meters above sea level. One of the main attractions that NCC Saint Moritz recommends to its customers in winter is the Frozen Lake of the same name (the smallest lake in the Upper Engadine). During the coldest months of the year the waters overlooking the small Swiss village freeze completely, creating a very suggestive scenario.
The tourist attraction of St. Moritz is the historic Hotel Kulm, which hosts the high season in the Alpine resort, the famous Casino and the historic center of the village.
Thanks to the intuition of Mr. Johannes Badrut, the then owner of Kulm, who first bet on winter sports such as skiing and mountaineering, St. Moritz became the most popular tourist resort of the year during the coldest period of the Swiss.

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