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NCC Milan – Como

Il NCC service from Milan to Como it is a perfect solution both for those who have to travel for work and for those who wish to travel with the right comfort, absolute safety and maximum flexibility.

The rental service with driver from Milan to Como is appreciated precisely for the possibility of choosing where to leave, at what time, also evaluating the various destinations and areas of the town in which to stop for a tourist visit, fulfill a work for a meeting.

Thanks to these characteristics, the rental service with driver is the best solution to succeed treat yourself to a trip from Milan to Como, comfortable and respectful of the commitments you have to fulfill or the tour you have planned.


Milan-Como NCC service: how to request it

The Milan-Como NCC service is indicated to be able to better evaluate the time, date and place of departure, as well as tours and stops to make along the way.

By entrusting yourself to an expert and professional driver, such as those who operate in the specific sector of rental with driver, you have the possibility of evaluating various solutions, among which there are:

• NCC transport from Milan Central Station to Como: a convenient solution if you want to start from a very central location and with a large outdoor area in which to wait for the driver. Ideal, even for those who get off at the Milano Centrale station and need to reach Como.

NCC transport from Milan Malpensa to Como: in this case, as soon as you land, you can find the driver with the car waiting, ready to let you start a comfortable journey towards Como.

NCC transport from Milan Linate to Como: getting off at the airport closest to the center of Milan, you can opt for a convenient chauffeur-driven transport service, whatever the time the plane lands, to then reach Como in total tranquillity.

Finally, you can evaluate the booking of a rental transport with driver from the area of ​​Milan that is most suitable for you, simply indicating the street, the address of the hotel where you are staying, to leave for Como.

What to see in Como

Como city known both for its direct view on the southern area of ​​the homonymous lake and for its history, manufactures, arcades and artistic and architectural testimonies.

Como combines the view of Lake Como with a city environment full of services but also places to visit. In Como you can discover attractions such as: the Cathedral characterized by the Gothic style, its panoramic funicular, the famous pedestrian path along the lakefront.

Also not to be missed: the Tempio Voltiano, museum dedicated to the physicist Alessandro Volta; the Educational Silk Museum, on the other hand, illustrates the history of industrial silk production in the Como area. Finally, we recommend visiting Villa Olmo and taking a walk in the vicinity of the other splendid villas with gardens overlooking the lake.

During the visit to Como you also have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the historic centre, stroll under the arcades, where you can also indulge in shopping in the numerous shops. 

In the center of Como you can also be surprised by the Renaissance houses, by the unique beauty of Piazza San Fedele and by the rationalist and late Gothic architecture that characterize the facade of the Cathedral itself. 


From Como to Milan: with the NCC service

You can choose to return from Como to Milan always using the NCC service. With a NCC Como-Milan service you can take advantage of the comfort and flexibility offered by the driver and the chosen vehicle to reach the city, simply indicating the street, neighborhood or area where you want to end your journey. For example, you can request the Como-Milan Malpensa or Como-Milan Linate NCC service.

Your journey from Como to Milan with the rental with driver it will offer you the opportunity to fully enjoy your transport experience by observing the wonderful scenery of Lake Como, while you will leave to return or to reach the city.