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Why not discover one of the most glamorous cities on the French coast? We are talking about Cannes , the famous destination for one of Europe's most famous and sought-after film awards. 

Cannes is a smiling, fashionable, wonderful town that conquers all its guests, but how to reach it from Milan? You can evaluate a convenient NCC service (car rental with driver) from Milan to Cannes. 

This is a perfect solution to easily reach Cannes without any worries, starting from both the city center and the Milan airports. 


Why choose the Ncc transport from Milan to Cannes

Choosing the Milan-Cannes NCC service is the perfect solution to be able to reach your destination comfortably and with the support of a professional. 

Il NCC service from Milan to cities such as Cannes unlike public transport, such as the train or the taxi, it offers advantages such as: safe movements, flexible schedules, comfort, intermediate stops can be made and a tailor-made service can be requested. 

You can also choose the most comfortable car for the trips you want to make and also based on the number of passengers must go as far as Cannes. Furthermore, the driver can be requested to pick you up from different areas of Milan. 

Often among the most requested routes there are: transport NCC Milan Malpensa Cannes; NCC Milan Linate to Cannes; Milan Central Station to Cannes. 

In addition to these three solutions, it is also possible to give the driver as a starting point: the address of your home, hotel or city centre, etc…

What to see and do in Cannes

What to see and do in Cannes? Cannes is a wonderful coastal town easily reachable from Italy which has several attractions, among the main ones not to be missed, there are: 

  • The Croisette: the famous promenade known for beaches, luxury shops, bars, restaurants overlooking the sea. 
  • Promenade de la Croisette: a pedestrian path that allows you to discover the unique panorama offered by this city. 
  • The Palace of Festivals and Congress: famous for hosting the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most anticipated events of the whole year. 
  • Notre-Dame de l'Esperance Basilica: church built in 1800 and located at the top of Notre-Dame hill. 
  • Iles de Lérins: islands located a few minutes by boat from the coast, on these islands you can admire attractions such as the fort built in the 17th century and the Museum of the Sea. 
  • Luxury Shops: Cannes is famous for luxury shops and shopping from top fashion brands. 


NCC service from Cannes to Milan

Il NCC service from Cannes to Milan-Malpensa-Linate or towards the city center, or any other address provided to the driver, guarantees you a comfortable and safe return to the city. 

The journey with the rental service with driver allows you to always choose the time, starting point, itinerary with possible breaks for dinner, lunch or shopping. 

Leaving from Cannes to reach Milan with the NCC service you can easily reach the city, or its main airports such as Milan Malpensa or Milan Linate.