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NCC Milan – Bellagio

Would you like to treat yourself to a trip to enjoy the beauty of Bellagio, the Lombard village overlooking Lake Como, a cultural and tourist destination famous for its exclusive panoramic position and for its peculiarities?

The perfect solution to achieve it without worries, is rely on an NCC transport service from Milan to Bellagio or from the main airports, via one of the many routes covered by the NCC transport, from Milan Malpensa to Bellagio or from Linate to Bellagio.

Choosing the NCC service, i.e. car rental with driver, from Milan to Bellagio, offers you countless advantages such as: comfort, safety in travel and flexible hours.


Ncc transport from Milan-Linate-Malpesa to Bellagio: how to request the service

Unlike public transport and also the taxi, it is possible to request the NCC transport - rental with driver - by optimally personalizing both the starting point and the arrival point, choosing the time and any intermediate stops, for a tailor-made service .  

For example, you can choose:

  • Ncc transport from Milan to Bellagio: evaluating the area that is most comfortable for you for the pick-up (home address, hotel address, city center, etc…)
  • Ncc transport from Milan Malpensa to Bellagio: in this case the starting point is the Malpensa airport, indicating the arrival time and the one in which you want to start your journey to Bellagio.
  • Ncc transport from Milan Linate to Bellagio: finally, it is also possible to choose Linate airport as a starting point, which is the one closest to the city center and one of the easiest to reach.

I benefits to opt for one of these three solutions with rental service with driver are: guarantee of a comfortable journey, in the name of safety, without any organizational thought and without being forced to share one's spaces with strangers. Furthermore, you can choose: the type of vehicle, the timetable and also ask the driver for advice on where to shop, have lunch and dinner or on the best attractions not to be missed in the area.

What to see in Bellagio?

Once you arrive in Bellagio with a car driven by a professional driver, you can dedicate yourself to visiting this magnificent country and its many attractions. 

Between the musts not to be missed in Bellagio, we include:

  • Punta Spartivento: a unique panoramic place that opens the view towards Lake Como and the Alps.
  • Provost Church of San Giacomo: really very interesting for its Romanesque architecture.
  • Villa Melzi D'Eril: wonderful, with an extensive botanical garden and a unique view of the lake.
  • Museum of Navigational Instruments: an unmissable appointment for those who love the nautical sector.
  • Park of Villa Serbelloni: here you can immerse yourself in nature and discover the promontory overlooking the lake.
  • City center: finally, a visit to the center of the beautiful and welcoming village cannot be missed, where you can also refresh yourself and stop for an aperitif.

NCC service from Bellagio to Milan-Linate-Malpensa, in addition to being able to request the outward journey service with car rental with driver starting from Milan, it is of course also possible to choose Bellagio itself as the starting point.

The rental service with driver from Bellagio to Milan, or towards the airport of Linate or that of Malpensa, is the perfect solution to reach one of the most beautiful and fashionable cities in Italy, comfortably and without any thought.

After visiting the town of Bellagio, located at the northern end of the Lariano Triangle, at the point where the two branches of Lake Como branch off, surmounted by the Alps, just make an appointment with the driver at the point of the city you prefer and request an NCC transport from Bellagio to Milan Malpensa, Linate or to a specific point in the city that is most convenient for you.

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